Current Projects

2025-2028 TIP/STIP

The Transportation Improvement Program is the most important way that local elected officials set the direction of federal transportation spending. The next TIP, which covers federal fiscal years 2025-2028 will begin on October 1st, 2024, and is currently available for the public to review and comment before the MPO boards

Complete Streets Guidebook

The NVCOG Complete Streets Guidebook outlines evidence-based interventions for making streets safer, more vibrant community spaces. The guidebook is a resource for elected officials and public works staff working to transform streets in the NVCOG region into vital, safe community spaces that accommodate all residents.
Derby Shelton Bridge design

Derby-Shelton Bridge Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enhancements

Construction is underway and expected to continue through the 2024 construction season due to the extensive amount of utility relocations that are a necessary part of the bridge rehabilitation work.

Interstate 84/ Route 8 New Mix

The Mixmaster The interchange of Interstate 84 and Connecticut Route 8, located just west of Downtown Waterbury, has long been called “the Mixmaster” because of the complex web of highways, ramps, local roads, and rail, that make it up or pass below. Originally hailed as a marvel of modern highway

Route 34 Main Street Derby Reconstruction

Main Street in Derby will be reconstructed between Bridge Street and Route 8. The construction is expected to continue through 2024 and be completed in Fall 2024.

Route 67 Seymour – Spot Improvements

The design of the project has been completed to improve Route 67 from the west end of the Klarides Village retail development extending easterly along Bank Street to the eastern side of the bridge over the Naugatuck River. The project will proceed to construction in the Spring of 2024.

Route 8 Design/Build

The Route 8 Design Build project will bring the section of roadway from Exit 13 in Shelton to Exit 22 in Seymour up to modern highway standards and make it safer for motorists. The work is expected to start in the summer of 2023 and finish by the end of

Transportation Guide to the Greater Naugatuck Valley Region

Explore the Transportation Guide to the Greater Naugatuck Valley, a comprehensive resource offering valuable information on routes, schedules, and facilities.

VMT Reduction Strategy

A common measure of transportation system performance is vehicle miles traveled (VMT), which looks at the total number of miles driven by personal cars across a given area. A reduction in VMT typically yields benefits for congestion, air quality, and can help reduce costs for drivers.

Waterbury Line Station Projects

Through a series of state and federal funding sources, the CT Department of Transportation is undertaking a project to upgrade all six Waterbury Line train stations. These upgrades will not only provide a safer and more comfortable experience for passengers but allow the stations to serve as key places within

Transportation Planning Studies

Active Transportation Plan

The Naugatuck Valley Active Transportation Plan (NVATP) will aim to coordinate efforts across our 19 municipal members. By compiling best practices and standards, NVCOG aims to encourage increased access to safe, convenient walking/rolling and biking facilities.

Bus Shelter Replacement Project

The NVCOG and the Valley Transit District are working with a team to design and build bus shelters to address the current lack of accommodations. This project aims to improve public transit facilities in lower valley municipalities.

Middlebury Route 64 Corridor Study

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG), in collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Town of Middlebury, Connecticut, is conducting an assessment of safety along Route 64 in Middlebury, with a focus on enhancing pedestrian and bicyclist connections and access throughout the corridor. 

Route 8 & Waterbury Branch Line Corridor/Alternative Modes Study

The Route 8 & Waterbury Branch Line Corridor/Alternative Modes Study has concluded, evaluating the requirements and prospects for enhancing services on the Waterbury Branch Line. It has also examined the viability of alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles, offering insights into options for alleviating congestion and enhancing mobility across Route 8 and

Waterbury Residential Street Traffic Calming Study

The NVCOG is developing a proposed comprehensive strategy for implementing residential street traffic calming interventions in the City of Waterbury. Through crafting a sample policy and guidebook, the NVCOG will outline how the city may best address road safety concerns and respond to resident requests.

Woodbury – Route 6 Corridor Study

The NVCOG, in collaboration with the CTDOT, the Town of Woodbury, and the Federal Highway Administration, is preparing to engage a multi-disciplinary team to complete a corridor study along US Route 6 through Woodbury. The intent of the study is to address safety and traffic flow concerns and provide for