CT Public Act 15-5 mandates that each Council of Governments facilitate a Regional Election Monitor (REM) position. Examples of REM duties include:

  • Coordinating regional instructional sessions for the certification of moderators and alternate moderators, utilizing curricula developed by the Secretary of the State;
  • Coordinating the number of such regional instructional sessions to be held prior to each regular election;
  • Communicating with registrars of voters to assist, to the extent permitted under law, in preparations for and operations of any election, primary or recanvass, or any audit conducted pursuant to CGS §9-320f; and Transmit any order issued by the Secretary of the State, pursuant to CGS §9-3.

Additional duties, to the extent permitted under law, may include:

  • Assisting in the preparation and editing of ballots, forms and instructions related to elections;
  • Furnishing information and educational materials for election officials, candidates, and political committees concerning elections;
  • Coordinating training for election officials

NVCOG’s REM is Attorney Galen Wells, of Norwalk.

Contact information:
Attorney Galen Wells
224 West Norwalk Road
Norwalk, CT, 06850

Staff Contact:  

Drew Baklik
Director of Municipal Affairs