The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments is seeking professional engineering services for various technical, consulting, design and other work as may be required related to the state-funded Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program.

This RFQ is being issued to solicit responses from qualified and experienced engineering firms to perform on-call transportation engineering and program management related to the project design review and other tasks outlined in this RFQ. In the case of 3rd Party Reviews, consultants selected under this RFQ will not be assigned to a project for which they have designed whole or in part. In addition to design review services, the NVCOG is requesting qualifications related to providing municipal engineering design phase assistance at the discretion of municipal sponsors. The NVCOG anticipates selecting five or more firms/teams for one joint NVCOG Engineering On-Call List

The NVCOG must receive the qualifications package no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, August 12, 2019. Please see the full Request for Qualifications for more information.

*NVCOG reserves the right to amend or to cancel this RFQ. *

Questions and Answers through Thursday, June 13 (PDF)

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) intends to create a short list of professional environmental teams able to prepare Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, Remedial Action Plans, hazardous building material assessments and to provide related planning services on an as-needed basis. The short list will be utilized for as long as the Regional Brownfields Partnership Executive Board deems appropriate for a period not to exceed four (4) years. Qualifications accepted through this RFQ will be reviewed by a Regional Brownfields Partnership (RBP) project selection committee made-up of the RBP Executive Board and appointed municipal representatives. Project work will be defined in future Requests for Proposals, to be released to the short list only. The short list of teams selected may also be utilized by RBP member towns at their own discretion in accordance with local procurement policies. The teams must provide expertise in implementing U.S. EPA and CT DECD funded environmental assessment projects and demonstrate familiarity with Connecticut liability relief and cleanup programs. Utilization of the short list shall not be limited to specific funding sources.

Submittals are due in hard copy and by email 2pm Tuesday, July 9. Please see the full Request for Qualifications for more information.

*NVCOG reserves the right to amend or to cancel this RFQ. *

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments wants to acquire traffic counting equipment that will permit the organization to meet the following requirements: collect speed data, collect vehicle counts, collect data in congested areas where traffic may be stop-start, the equipment can be set up without entering the roadway, and the equipment should not need to be installed more than 8 feet above the roadway.

Deadline to Submit: 4 pm May 28, 2019.


1. How many lanes will be counted?
Answer: The number of lanes to be counted will vary with location. Ideally, we could count a minimum of 2 lanes from one side of the roadway.

2. Will the installation of this equipment be permanent or temporary?
Answer: Installations will be temporary. The counters will be moved throughout our region for traffic studies as needed.

3. What would be the provision for mounting said traffic counting equipment?
Answer: Installation and removal will be taken care of by NVCOG staff as needed. Installation should be possible with hand tools.

4. Would you have a possible location where this equipment will be so I could view using Google Earth?
Answer: Locations are variable within the region. This could include urban, suburban and rural roadways. We do not intend to use them on Interstates or limited-access expressways.

5. It is indicated in the IFB that eligible companies can submit a combination of technologies to meet the Scope. Is the intention of the IFB to uncover technologies that supply the data in a single step process? (IE Video technologies require capture but also processing)
Answer: Data may require multiple steps for processing (I.E. desktop software needed to extract the data and make reports). However, it is a priority of the NVCOG to avoid additional post-processing costs, as some of our peer agencies are limited in the number of counts they are able to complete in a year due to budget constraints and processing costs.

6. Is it necessary we supply technologies that cover the full scope of requirements or can we satisfy a subset of what you are looking for?
Answer: If the technologies do not meet the full scope we will need to justify why it is the more appropriate technology.

7. Should bids be submitted as one lump sum or on a per unit cost?
Answer: Either lump sum or an itemized bid is acceptable. However, an itemized bid may be simpler, especially where multiple technologies are being proposed to meet the technical requirements of the scope.

8. Is there a particular format or template for the technical response and bid amounts?
Answer: Submissions need only meet the requirements as outlined in the Submission Requirements of the IFB.

9. Is there a date set for when a decision/order will be announced?
Answer: There is not a fixed date for the announcement. We hope to notify all bidders within 14 days of the bid closing, or roughly June 12, 2019.

10. Should a digital .PDF copy of the submission be submitted?
Answer: No digital copies are required.

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) in partnership with the Town of Oxford is seeking consultant services to perform planning activities related to the development of an Alternative Transportation Plan for the Main Street/ Route 67 corridor in Oxford Connecticut.

Submission Deadline: 4 pm May 15, 2019.

Request for Qualifications


1.  Under the Technical Response, a description and status of comparable project experience can you clarify if these projects can be from prime and subconsultants or only from the prime firm
Answer: Description and status of comparable project experience can be submitted for prime or sub consultants. Please make these roles clear in your response.

2.  Under the Technical Response, please clarify if one of the three references from comparable types of projects can a NVCOG staff member.
Answer:  NVCOG staff can be submitted as a reference.

3.  It is understood that the project limits referred to in the RFQ as the “Route 67 corridor”. Can you confirm that the corridor is approximately 6 miles long, the entire width of the town, and is from the intersection of Route 67 and Oakcrest Road, ~ 6 miles in length to the intersection of Route 67 and Mountain Road? Can you confirm that these are the project limits described as “the corridor”?
Answer:  Yes, the “corridor” refers to route 67 within the town of Oxford, and connections to the Larkin Bridle Trail, but the selected consultant should be prepared to investigate connections to destinations outside that corridor especially in task C, Transit Study.

4.  In the RFQ all consultants on our team are required to meet the insurance requirements. We are a consortium of consultants and have a few consultants on the project team that are solo practitioners or a two-person partnership please see our questions below as they apply to the following:
Workman’s Compensation & EEOC: Would you require a waiver or explanation as to how Workman’s Compensation and EEOC does not apply to consultants that operate as solo practitioner? Would you require to see Workman’s Compensation insurance coverage & documentation of EEOC for those acting as subconsultants with staff larger than two (2) practitioners?
Answer: NVCOG Will enter into a contract with a single prime consultant that will need to ensure that any and all subconsultants meet the stated requirements or satisfactorily demonstrate the legal reason for not meeting stated requirements.

5. Would the Town of Oxford be able to share what the ear marked funding sources are for this project?
Answer: The project will be funded by NVCOG transportation planning funds with a match from the town.

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) is seeking the services of a transportation analytics provider to determine travel patterns and origins and destinations to, from and through the Naugatuck Valley planning region to permit the NVCOG to develop trip reports, trip matrices and determine how trips travel through the region. The NVCOG will be provided unlimited access to the transportation analytics platform for a 12-month period.

Deadline to Submit: 4 pm May 10th, 2019

1.  Regarding questions on the IFB, does “seven days before” mean business days or calendar days?
Answer: Calendar days

2.  What is the exact deadline for submitting questions and what is the exact deadline for NVCOG to post responses?
Answer: We typically expect to receive questions within the first two weeks of the solicitation as proposers are reviewing and determining how best to respond. The deadline for receiving questions is seven days before the proposal is due – the proposal is due at NVCOG by 4:00 pm on May 10th so questions should be provided on or before May 4th. The NVCOG will provide answers to the questions when they are posted.

3. The IFB states that NVCOG will “select the lowest responsive/responsible qualified bidder”. Does this mean that cost is the primary evaluation factor and will override other evaluation factors?Answer: The cost will be a primary factor in the selection but the proposal must be responsive to our scope – the number 1 factor is that the proposal meets what we are asking for. The NVCOG does not disclose available funds for work for which we are requesting competitive bids. We require an independent cost proposal based on the scope of work.

4. Does NVCOG have a budget in mind for this work?
Answer: The NVCOG does not disclose available funds for work for which we are requesting competitive bids. We require an independent cost proposal based on the scope of work.

5.  Please indicate the user base size and expertise that will be leveraging the platform.
Answer: The NVCOG and MetroCOG staff, plus consultants working on specific COG planning studies need to have access to the platform.

6.  Please clarify the expected number of data sources for spatial data analysis.
Answer: That needs to be stated in the proposal. NVOG is requesting sufficient data sources to return a reasonable understanding of travel patterns.

7.  Please clarify the need to use insights differently for ‘pass through’ trips as opposed to trips starting or ending within the 411 Traffic Analysis Zones?
Answer: The transportation analytics need to provide the ability to determine the number of trips that pass through zones between an origin and destination zone.

8.  How many users are anticipated to use the system during the 12 month evaluation period? How many users are anticipated to use the production system?
Answer:  As stated in the IFB, the NVCOG is requesting unlimited access to the platform for a 12-month period. That access needs to provide to our partner MPO (MetroCOG) and consultants working on specific studies for either agency. How the vendor will accommodate that access should be specified in the proposal. Both NVCOG and MetroCOG are small agencies and it is likely that only one or two staff would be assigned to access the platform at any given time.

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments intends to select one (1) firm, currently a member of the RBP Short List, to conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment with remedial cost estimates at 161 Massirio Drive, Berlin. The project is funded by NVCOG’s FY2016 EPA Assessment grant and the site was approved for petroleum funding through the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP)

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments is seeking the services of a transportation analytics provider to determine travel patterns to, from and through the Naugatuck Valley Planning Region.  The scope of services is detailed in the Invitation for Bid.  Bids will be accepted until 4:00 pm on Friday, February 15, 2019.

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments intends to select a short list of firms to respond to a future Request for Proposals (RFP). Qualifications will be accepted until 2pm Tuesday, February 26.