There are hundreds of privately and publicly owned dams in the Naugatuck Valley region. To ensure public safety, the State of Connecticut requires that all dams be inspected periodically.  Under the DEEP Dam Safety program, dam owners will be notified by DEEP when their dam is due for inspection and the dam owner will be responsible for hiring a qualified engineer to inspect their dam and submit a report back to DEEP. Additional information and guidance can be found at the CT DEEP Dam Safety Page.

In order to assist the region’s dam owners in compliance with these regulations, NVCOG has included some helpful resources below.

Finding a Dam Safety Professional for Your Inspection

For dam owners who need help hiring a qualified engineer to conduct a dam inspection, DEEP has two very useful resources: a Hiring Guidance Document, and a contract with a non-comprehensive list of qualified engineers.

In 2019, CT DEEP issued a solicitation to identify engineers for water projects including dams, architecture, and land surveying. The resulting contract, available as a PDF below, is valid through December 2024. Municipalities and individual property-owners may find it useful in selecting a dam safety professional. It is important to note that this list is not comprehensive; does not represent an endorsement from the State or NVCOG; and that dam owners may use any CT-licensed professional engineer of their choice, regardless of whether they are on this list. Please read the following notes carefully to help you navigate the contract: 

  • Pages 1-10 list engineering firms. If they are able to perform dam inspections, it will be listed in red under “Contracted Services.” 
  • Use the CT DEEP’s Hiring Guidance Document for best practices in selecting an engineer. 
  • It is always advisable to solicit quotes from at least three different firms before making your selection. 

Special notes for municipally-owned dams: 

  • All firms in the PDF have indicated that they will honor the contract for “political subdivisions,” meaning municipalities. When you contact a firm, it is important to reference the contract ID of 19PSX0164 to entitle you to the rates specified on Page 45. 
  • Each municipality must follow their own procurement/purchasing requirements. 
  • Page 11 of the PDF contains additional notes for municipalities. 

Special notes for privately-owned dams: 

  • This contract may be a good starting point for finding an engineer, but the terms of the contract (such as the pricing on Page 45) are not applicable to privately-owned dams. Review CT DEEP’s Hiring Guidance Document for more information.  

Click here for CT DEEP’s Contract 19PSX0164 

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Christine O’Neill
Environmental Planner II