The state legislature created the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) to provide state funds to planning regions for transportation improvement projects with fewer constraints and requirements than similar federal programs.

The program was conceived to provide these funds in lieu of federal transportation funds allocated under the Surface Transportation Block Grant program for urbanized areas. Because the construction of the projects is 100% state funded, it streamlines project delivery and constrains costs.

The NVCOG solicits project proposals from member municipalities, reviews applications with communities to ensure the project’s purpose and need meet the goals of the LOTCIP, and reviews projects through the town led design process to ensure projects meet design standards and have realistic cost estimates. NVCOG maintains a financial plan to ensure program is fiscally constrained.

Key Program Elements

  • Program funds are allocated to planning regions based on their proportion of state urban area population.
  • Project eligibility is limited to local roads located on the federal aid system, local bridges and active transportation enhancements.
  • The design of projects is the responsibility of the municipal sponsor and design activities are funded totally by the municipality.
  • The cost to acquire property for the project is eligible for funding under LOTCIP or the municipality may choose to acquire using their own funds. In either case, the process to acquire any property must follow state and federal regulations.
  • The LOTCIP funds will be used to pay 100% of the cost to construct the project.

Getting Started

Give us a call to get started with your project in the LOTCIP. NVCOG staff will provide you with the regional pre-application used to assess a project’s  purpose, need and eligibility. This preliminary review document is meant to be easily completed without requiring a certified engineer.

Municipalities are encouraged to utilize their established local procedures to procure the design services, establish the fee, and execute a contract with the consultant. Additionally, the NVCOG undertakes a Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) process to develop a  shortlist of consultant engineering firms every several years. If this list meets local requirements, municipalities are invited to use the NVCOG designer shortlist.

The current list of nine firms will remain in effect through April 2026.

For additional  information on the program, including guidelines and application material, please contact the NVCOG or visit the CTDOT website.

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Useful Resources

CTDOT Highway Design-Local Roads – LOTCIP

NVCOG LOTCIP Pre-Application Form NVCOG (doc)

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