Here is a short-term list of transportation projects scheduled to receive federal funding within a four-year time horizon:

Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP)

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are responsible for developing and maintaining a short-term Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the metropolitan planning area. The TIP lists all planned highway and transit improvement projects in the metropolitan planning area programmed to receive federal assistance from the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration over a four year time horizon.

What’s being programmed?

Explore the region’s current transportation program on this interactive map.

Federal regulations require the TIP to be financially constrained and consistent with the anticipated federal funds allocated to the urbanized areas. For each project, the federal funding category, the estimated cost and the fiscal year funds will be needed are listed. The project schedule is broken down by implementation phase.

The NVCOG planning region is divided by two metropolitan planning areas.  Because of this, the NVCOG develops and maintains two separate TIPs, one for each MPO. The priority projects included in the TIPs are advanced from the MTP. The TIPs are developed in collaboration with CTDOT, public transit operators and member municipalities.

What was funded in 2021?

Each year, millions of dollars of federal funds from the USDOT are obligated in support of the MPOs transportation improvement program. The following document contains tables listing projects that received obligations in Federal Fiscal Year 2021 (October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021)  through the metropolitan planning process.

Obligated Projects for Federal Fiscal Year 2021

Obligated Projects for Federal Fiscal Year 2022 – Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, & Shelton

About Obligation

Once a project has been included in the TIP, it can be authorized for federal reimbursement. An obligation occurs after the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or Federal Transit Administration (FTA) signs said authorization, which is a commitment to participate financially in a project. The obligation means that funds are assigned to the project and are available for reimbursement to the implementing agency. This annual list reflects the obligations made during the fiscal year as opposed to the proposed obligations programmed on the CNVMPO TIP and scheduled to be authorized during the fiscal year.

The publication of this list of obligated projects fulfills the conditions of 49 CFR Part 450.334 requiring that the NVCOG publish a listing of obligated projects each federal fiscal year.