The Naugatuck River Greenway signage program was established to ensure unified signage along the entire greenway. The Naugatuck River Greenway Uniform Signage and Wayfinding Design Manual is intended to guide the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of signage along the route of the NRG and to formalize a standardized branding policy for the entire greenway.

Signs developed using these guidelines will provide for confident wayfinding along the trail, and will also introduce new users to the trail and introduce those on the trail to attractions, facilities, and businesses in the communities along the route. Well-designed interpretive signs will also educate trail users about natural and cultural features along the trail, and the history of the river and river communities. Overall, properly designed signage will provide for a safe, enjoyable, and informative user experience, and help integrate the trail into the communities through which it will pass.  

Some examples of interpretive and directional signage highlighted in the manual:

Naugatuck River Greenway sign template examples

NRG logos, sign templates and guidance are all available from NVCOG. Please contact Aaron Budris at or 203-489-0362 to request materials or assistance.

The manual was developed by Milone and MacBroom Inc. and was funded by a Federal Recreational Trails Grant administered by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection