The NVCOG conducts the federally-required transportation planning process for the Waterbury urbanized area and the portion of the Bridgeport-Stamford UZA within its boundary. This planning program is supported by funds from the US Department of Transportation with the State of Connecticut providing a portion of the non-federal share. The NVCOG also administers and oversees the consultant design services of several highway projects and planning studies. Federal and state funds are the primary sources to support these projects.

Funding Sources 
Federal Government     $ 4,436,485
State of Connecticut $ 1,836,179
Other Governmental Agencies        $ 287,358
                                                                       Total    $ 6,560,022
Allocation of Funds – Source                       
Project Design & Implementation – Local $ 104,122
                                                                    – State        $ 1,397,874
                                                                    – Federal  $ 3,596,427
Planning & Programming                  – Local     $ 319,149
                                                                    – State  $ 453,103
                                                                    – Federal   $ 825,264
Total  $ 6,695,939

As a direct recipient of federal transit capital dollars, the NVCOG receives funds from the Federal Transit Administration to purchase buses and equipment for the Valley Transit District, implement facility improvements and conduct special transit studies within the region. The vast majority of these funds are directly passed through the NVCOG to contractors.

Allocation of Funds – Project Design and Implementation Activities 
A.  Program Support from General  Fund $ 29,261
B.  Naugatuck River Greenway Trail Program $ 88,515
C.  Emergency Management Program $  0
D. Regional Services Program $ 115,394
E.  LoTCIP $  39,407
F.  Consultant Design Support $ 472,108
G. Regional Brownfields Program $ 72,782
H.  Transit Capital Program $ 4,249,851
I.  Transportation Planning Program$ 31,105
                                                                                                    Total $  5,098,423

In addition to its federal transportation planning role, the NVCOG supports regional collaboration through its municipal shared services and land use planning programs, as well as it Regional Brownfields Partnership. These activities are supported primarily by regional service grants from the State of Connecticut and other funds provided by local government entities.

Allocation of Funds – Programs and Planning Activities 
A.  Program Support from General  Fund$ 190,312
B.  Naugatuck River Greenway Trail Program $ 14,347
C.  Emergency Management Program$ 13,951
D.  Regional Services Program $ 241,622
E.  LoTCIP $ 69,963
F.  Consultant Design Support $ 65,304
G.  Regional Brownfields Program $ 24,304
H.  Transit Capital Program $ 150,648
I.  Transportation Planning Program$ 827,065
                                                                                                    Total $ 1,597,516