Welcome to NVCOG Maps & Data!

We design maps, create applications, and manage spatial data for our regional municipalities, the public, and our regional partners.

NVCOG Regional Viewer Survey

We will be updating the NVCOG Regional Viewer and we would like feedback on the current configuration. Please take the following survey to give either a positive or negative review of the web tool. 

Municipal Parcel Viewers

Access a parcel viewer that shows local property assessment information, zoning, environmental, planimetric data and more.

Regional  Map Viewer

Provides access to general parcel data, zoning, land use, and open space.  It also includes FEMA flood data and environmental data from CTECO

Interactive Maps

These web applications highlight current projects, demographic data and regional infrastructures.

Printable PDF Maps

Points of Interest guides, Land Use, and Open Space maps.

Data Download

Decennial Census data to download. 

External Mapping Resources

Explore links to other mapping resources.

Please contact us if you would like a custom map, data, or to discuss a project. We would love to hear from you!

Glenda Prentiss, GISP
GIS Program Coordinator

Richard Crowther Jr
Senior GIS Analyst