For Immediate Release: October 30, 2020
Updated: November 19, 2020

Mark Nielsen
Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments
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The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) held a virtual public information meeting to present preliminary design plans on Spot Improvements to Route 67 (Bank Street), in The Town of Seymour. The public meeting was held on Monday, November 16, 2020. The meeting was held online via Zoom beginning at 6 pm. The intent of the meeting was to provide residents and other interested persons an opportunity to learn about the design and proposed improvements and understand the project timeline. A presentation was made, after which there was a question and answer period.  To view the recording of this meeting and review the presentation, please visit the Route 67 (Bank St) Spot Improvements project webpage.

It is NVCOG’s and the State’s policy to keep persons informed about and involved with ongoing road improvement projects. It is important that the community share its concerns to assist in the project’s development.  

 The intent of the project is to improve traffic, pedestrian flow, and safety along the section of Route 67 (Bank Street) between River Street/Franklin Street and Klarides Village and is a continuation of the planning effort completed in 2017. The firm of Milone and MacBroom is designing the improvements under contract to the NVCOG. Construction will be advertised and administrated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).  The project will include: 

Route 67 and River Street/Franklin Street Intersection 
Improve pedestrian crossings 
Widen northbound River Street approach to extend the left-turn lane onto Route 67
Make sidewalk connection from River Street to the south side of Route 67 

Route 67 between River Street/Franklin Street Intersection and Old Drive East
Widen Route 67 to provide adequate storage on northbound and southbound dedicated turn lanes and 5-foot shoulders
Widen north side of Route 67 to extend the two westbound departure lanes past Martha Street to the Walgreens Intersection.
Reconstruct stone masonry retaining wall at 100 Bank Street.
Construct new retaining wall between Martha Street and Walgreen’s driveway.
Install new traffic signal equipment.
Install new sidewalks, pedestrian accommodations, and lighting. 

 Route 67 at Walgreens Driveway
Widen Route 67 to provide a westbound dedicated right and extended right turn lane in addition to the single through lane.
Upgrade traffic signal to accommodate geometric changes at the intersection.
Implement revised signal timings. 

 Route 67 at Old Drive West
Upgrade the existing traffic signal with new pedestrian equipment.
Revised phasing to include an exclusive pedestrian phase. 

Route 67 at Klarides Village Unsignalized
Add westbound left turn lane into the driveway.
Modify driveway to prohibit left turns onto Route 67. 

 Route 67 at Beecher Street and Church Street
Reconfigure the intersection to better direct and channelize the turning movements. 

 Route 313 (River Street)
Widen River Street to provide additional storage and queuing lengths for the northbound travel lanes.
Widen bridge over Little River to provide a new sidewalk along the western side of River Street connecting to the existing Route 67 sidewalks. 

 Additional Traffic Signal Timing Improvements
Timing improvements throughout the corridor. 

Improve Pedestrian Connection to Downtown
Improve lighting and hardscape under Route 8.

Based on the preliminary design, the construction cost will be approximately $6,100,000. The Federal Highway Administration will provide 80% of the construction cost with the State providing 20%. 

The public informational meeting was held to afford an opportunity for public participation and allow open discussion of any views and comments the community may have concerning this proposed project. 

 Persons with limited internet access may request project information be mailed to them by calling  (203489-0369 or emailing one week for processing and delivery.) 

 There will be a 14day comment period following the meeting.  Individuals may leave a question or comment via email/phone at and (203) 489-0374.