Sustainable CT taps into the power of creating change at the local level. Guided by the vision set by Connecticut’s municipal leaders, over 200 people from local governments, non-profits, state agencies, businesses, academia, and our communities worked together to develop Sustainable CT. Each of Connecticut’s 169 cities and towns was represented in the creation of the program.

The City of Waterbury has joined the program currently involving 100 of Connecticut’s 169 municipalities.  Sustainable CT awards certifications when municipalities meet different levels of qualifications. The City of Bristol achieved Bronze Certification in 2018 and the Town of Woodbury in 2019.  The municipalities of Bethlehem, Naugatuck, Prospect, Seymour, and Thomaston have registered to participate in Sustainable CT, but have not reached certification as of yet.

Also, we would like to highlight from this past summer, one of our 2019 Sustainable Ct Fellows, Desira Blanchard. Selected through the program, Desira has worked with some of the region’s municipalities to either begin or continue with Sustainable CT. With the City of Waterbury, Desira has surpassed expectations and has been hired to work in the Mayor’s office due to her work as a Fellow. Congratulations!

If your community is not yet registered in Sustainable CT and you would like to learn more, contact them at They would love to discuss what Sustainable CT might look like in your city or town.