The quarterly “Municipal Land Use Best Practice” spotlight, curated by the NVCOG Community Planning staff, is dedicated to showcasing municipal best practices. Designed to serve as a valuable resource for land use staff and Commissioners, each edition features an exemplary initiative from a municipality in the Naugatuck Valley region. 

Written by Molly Johnson, Community Planner

Keith Rosenfeld, Regional Municipal Planner for Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments and Shared Services Town Planner for the Town of Seymour, shared how Seymour has worked to streamline its permit application process to support interdepartmental coordination and transparency with applicants. For this reason, staff developed a “First Step” Zoning and Building Compliance Application Form for applicants to fill out and implement communication with town departments. The form prevents unnecessary trips to Town Hall for the applicant by listing out the process with an order of approval. It also prevents the potential for oversights in the decision-making process to ensure that the appropriate personnel are aware of projects taking place in the community.  

The form is attached to each application to help track its approval process in a single convenient location. It features relevant phone numbers, with places for signatures and dates. It has simple and clear directions for applicants to follow.  

Seymour’s “First Step” Zoning and Building Compliance Application Form is an example of a practical method for creating an efficient, organized, and effective application process at the municipal level. Readers can access the form below.  

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