Sustainability Toolkit

NVCOG is developing a sustainability toolkit, in conjunction with our Regional Plan of Conservation and Development and State Plan of Conservation and Development. The toolkit will incorporate best practices for investing in renewable and sustainable energy sources, promoting equitable transportation services, and protecting the water environment.  This page will be updated to include more information on the toolkit, so check back soon!

NVCOG has already taken strides towards providing alternative transportation options, revitalizing contaminated properties, restoring wildlife habitat, championing environmental justice, promoting safe and ecofriendly waste management practices, and protecting our water resources.

Sustainable Projects in the Naugatuck Valley

Use the interactive map below to explore examples of sustainable organizations, programs, and projects in NVCOG municipalities. 

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Click on a municipality. 

Sustainable CT Fellows

Sustainable CT is a voluntary certification program to recognize thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities. Each summer, we partner with two Sustainable CT Fellows who help our municipalities with the certification process. Learn more here.


  • Recycle CT Wizard : This comprehensive search engine will analyze any item or material and let you know if it can be recycled. If it cannot be recycled as part of the single-stream load, the Wizard may offer additional advice on how to dispose of it.
  • UConn CLEAR : CLEAR is Connecticut’s land use education center. This website provides information, education and assistance to land use decision makers, in support of balancing growth and natural resource protection.
  • CIRCA & Resilient Connecticut: The Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation focuses on regional resilience and adaptation planning through engagement and risk assessments that inform municipal to regional scale initiatives and pilot projects.
  • Yale Sustainability Resources : This webpage includes posters, infographics, and videos about sustainability that may be useful in an education campaign, or just to give yourself a crash course in sustainability basics.
  • Philadelphia, PA Guide to Stormwater Management : Incorporating features of low impact development is key to sustainable stormwater systems. This reader-friendly guide is full of inspiration for homeowners and community members.
  • EPA Sustainability Hub : This webpage is your one-stop-shop for all things sustainability. Whether you’re curious about waste management, green infrastructure, environmental restoration and remediation, natural resource conservation, or wildlife protection, the EPA has educational material and case studies to expand your knowledge base. 
  • United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals: Although we are a regional government, we are still part of the global community. Learn about the broader implications of sustainability through the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report: The world’s most respected and knowledgeable climate scientists gather every several years to produce a report on the state of the climate change.
  • Partnership for Strong Communities’ Equitable Homebuying Report (WSHU article) : Affordable housing means safe, vibrant, and sustainable communities. This nonprofit’s research can provide a foundation for tackling issues of inequity in our built environment.