The NVCOG was represented at the 2024 Environmental Summit in Hartford, organized by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. The event convened citizen advocates, environmental leaders, lawmakers, and policy experts to discuss pressing environmental issues.

This year’s summit, a precursor to the upcoming CT General Assembly session starting on February 7, emphasized critical environmental priorities. Discussions included climate and energy solutions, nature-based solutions, PFAS, environmental rights, pesticides, vehicle emission reduction, offshore wind, and food waste prevention.

These priorities stem from the growing challenges of climate change, biodiversity protection, toxin reduction, and sustainable waste management, as highlighted by environmental leaders in Connecticut.

The NVCOG, committed to steering the region towards a greener and more resilient future, engages in a multifaceted approach. The agency advocates for informed land use policies in a variety of ways, including promoting solar energy, hosting environmental sustainability forums, addressing dam safety, municipal stormwater, waste management, and reducing vehicle miles traveled. The NVCOG remains dedicated to rectifying past environmental damage and mitigating the environmental footprint of future development growth by utilizing grant monies for critical projects and actively participating in state-level programs.

“It is exciting to know that I am currently providing meaningful work on projects that are solving Connecticut’s top environmental concerns,” says Environmental Planner, Thomas Dougherty.