The NVCOG Public Outreach and Environmental Justice Policy Drafts are available for public comment.

The Draft Public Outreach Policy guides when, where, and how the NVCOG connects with residents on planning issues. This includes how the NVCOG involves the public during plan development, public outreach periods, and publication. The policy also outlines the stages of plan development as they relate to public participation.

The Draft Environmental Justice Policy guides how the NVCOG considers the needs of minorities and low-income residents in its planning. The NVCOG aims to ensure that no COG-funded project has a disproportionate negative impact on these communities. This policy identifies these communities within the NVCOG planning region and develops a process for considering the needs of all residents during the planning process.

Copies are available in English or Spanish on our Civil Rights page.

There will be an informational meeting February 2nd, at 6:00pm, at the NVCOG offices in downtown Waterbury:

49 Leavenworth Street, 3rd Floor
Waterbury, CT 06702

The meeting location is fully accessible, and is near the pulse location on the Waterbury Green and the Waterbury Metro-North station. Parking is available on site. Translators are available with five days’ notice.