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835 South Main Street, Waterbury

Project Type: Cleanup Planning

NVCOG’s Revolving Loan Fund Committee subgranted the Waterbury Development Corporation $350,000 for cleanup activities at 835 South Main Street, Waterbury, also known as the former A Benedict Company and the Waterbury Button Factory. Funding will be used for cleanup planning, developing remedial design plans, LEP oversight, and post-remediation monitoring. Existing environmental reports indicate the elevated presence of hazardous materials. All existing structures were demolished after a fire that occurred in early 2023. As part of the Mad River Redevelopment Corridor, the city of Waterbury has identified this parcel as a priority for redevelopment and is the recipient of $9,000,000 in state and federal funding. Once redeveloped as mixed-use, this project is expected to include housing and commercial space for jobs generated upon the successful revitalization of the former Anamet complex.
Project Status: Environmental documentation is currently under review.