The Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program was created through state legislature. It provides State funds to urbanized area municipal governments in lieu of Federal funds otherwise available through Federal transportation legislation.


The Transportation Improvement Program serves as a five-year guide for the preservation, management and expansion of public transportation services across the Naugatuck Valley Planning Region. Public transportation services include highways, arterial streets, transit, demand management, and alternative mode improvements.


Short for “Portable Document Format,” they were first developed by Adobe. The idea behind the PDF was to create a file format that was not dependent on application software, hardware, and operating systems for proper viewing.


Metropolitan Planning Organization is an agency created to provide local elected officials input into the planning and implementation of federal transportation funds for metropolitan areas.


Council of Governments is a public organization encompassing a multi-jurisdictional regional community.


Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments – a nineteen municipal member planning organization, concerned with transportation, economic development, land use, Brownfields redevelopment, environmental and emergency planning for the Naugatuck Valley Region