Containing bitumen, any of various mixtures of hydrocarbons (such as tar) often together with their nonmetallic derivatives that occur naturally or are obtained as residues after heat-refining natural substances (such as petroleum).


A low protective wall along the edge of a bridge.


A linear orientation of transport routes and flows connecting important locations that act as origins, destinations or points of transshipment. They can be composed of streets, highways, transit routes, or rail lines.


Chief Elected Official – the mayor, first selectman or chairman of the member municipalities.


State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

You can find more information on the DESPP website.


State of Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

You can find more information on the DEMHS website.


Regional Planning Organization is a government body that guides the development of public and private resources in a manner that ensures public safety, well-being and livability.


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems means conveyances for stormwater (including roads with drainage systems, streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, man-made channels or storm drains) owned or operated by any municipality or by any state or federal institution and discharging to surface waters of the state.


Geographic Information Systems/Sciences – a framework to organize, communicate, and understand the science of our world.