Priority 1: Lakewood Avenue Bus Service

Resulting from the Waterbury Area Transit Study (WATS), a new route connecting Downtown to major commercial centers along Wolcott Street, Lakewood Avenue, and Chase Avenue. WATS estimated that this route would attract more than 500 additional riders to the system per day and would drastically increase accessibility to the services offered along the route’s proposed corridor.  

Priority 2: Naugatuck River Greenway

Construction of the portion of the Naugatuck River Greenway between N. Main Street in Beacon Falls and Cross Street in Naugatuck is one of the most complicated segments of the project, and will provide a destination quality asset as well as connecting Beacon Falls to the north via a high quality active transportation project.  

Priority 3: Route 8 Improvements - Phase 3

Developed as part of 036-179, improvements to the length of Route 8 through the lower valley includes significant changes to the interchanges in Derby with Pershing Drive and Seymour Avenue. This project will improve safety and efficiency along Route 8 while reconnecting local streets, providing additional alternatives for drivers and pedestrians. 

Priority 4: Realign CT Route 334

Critical for the economic redevelopment of the former Ansonia Copper and Brass site, realigning Route 334 onto a new road along the river will better connect vehicles, passenger and commercial, from Route 8 to Downtown Ansonia.  

Priority 5: Huntingdon Avenue

The interchange of Route 8 and Huntingdon Avenue in Waterbury has long been inadequate, causing queues that extend onto the highway, making travel along a key commercial corridor difficult, and providing too few amenities for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Priority 6: I-84/I-691 Interchange

The interchange between Interstate 84 and Interstate 691 in Cheshire is a site of recurring congestion, causing queues of exiting traffic to back up well into travel lanes, particularly on I-84 EB, and posing a safety hazard as well as an impedem