We are pleased to announce the release of the Naugatuck Valley Region Historic Resources Storymap, an interactive web application that allows users to explore historic sites and museums in the nineteen town Naugatuck Valley Region.  The storymap can be accessed on our website at /content/historic-resources.  It includes information about 108 sites and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) by the National Park Service (NPS), as well as 28 local history museums you can visit to learn about local history.  It is intended to celebrate the new Naugatuck Valley planning region, and provide a fun and engaging way to learn about the region’s shared past.  The application was designed with residents, tourists, and local historical societies in mind, and it also contains enough information to be valuable to historians and researchers.  Since renovations on properties that are listed on the NRHP may be eligible for tax credits and historic preservation grants, real estate developers may also find the application useful.


  • An interactive map that allows users to zoom in and pan to areas of interest or directly to any municipality in the region, and view the location of historic resources.
  • Tabs highlighting National Register Sites and Districts as well as History Museums.
  • Summaries of the historic significance of all sites and districts on the NRHP.
  • Links to the original NRHP submission materials which contain a wealth of information about each property.
  • Links to additional resources.
  • Contact information and business hours for museums.
  • An adaptive interface that works great on smartphones or tablets, and can be used for self-guided tours.  A GPS locator is included that can pinpoint your location on the map in relation to historic sites (using your device’s GPS).
The storymap was created by COG staff as part of a larger data consolidation initiative, compiling data for the new 19 municipality Naugatuck Valley Region and making it available to the public. Questions and comments can be directed to Aaron Budris, Regional Planner/ GIS Specialist at abudris@cogcnv.org.