The Connecticut Statewide Transportation Study is collecting information about everyday transportation choices and travel patterns in the state of Connecticut. The study reaches out to Connecticut residents to understand their travel behaviors including how they travel, where they go, why they travel, and how long it takes. This information is vital for transportation agencies in the state including the Connecticut Department of Transportation to not only understand how the existing transportation system serves the residents of the state but also to plan for future transportation needs.

The data collected in this study will be used primarily to develop and update a statewide transportation model that will allow CTDOT to study how the transportation system is impacted by growth, development and other changes in communities and regions across the state. The results from the model will allow planners and policymakers to make informed choices about which transportation infrastructure (including roadways, bridges, rail systems, bus routes, pedestrian and bicycle facilities) to maintain and develop. Reliable and viable travel options enhance the quality of life of residents and promote economic vitality of businesses, and this study will help transportation agencies in the state of Connecticut meet this objectives.

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