Municipal Solar Resources

Municipal land use and building departments are usually responsible for the permitting, inspection, and compliance aspects of solar installations. How can we make those processes more efficient, the staff more knowledgeable, and better serve our constituents? NVCOG is working with SolSmart to provide training and guidance to make our region solar-friendly.

Regional Solar Inspection Checklist 3.4.22

All building inspectors in the NVCOG region were asked to help create and revise this regional solar inspection checklist. This resource applies to solar PV installations under 1 MW, and is intended for guidance purposes only. Last updated 3.4.22. 

This training was held 6/1/22.

This training was held on 6/8/22.

This training was held on 12/11/23. Continuing education credits were offered to building inspectors who joined us. We were thrilled to welcome over 120 attendees state-wide!

We strongly encourage all municipalities to pursue local SolSmart certification while we pursue our regional one. Visit the SolSmart website to learn why you should  apply, what’s involved, and how to get started.

If you decide to move forward with local certification, NVCOG may be able to partner with you on certain actions and provide technical assistance. Please contact Christine O’Neill at to discuss.

Staff Contact

Christine O’Neill
Regional Environmental Planner