Project No.: 0126-0174

Headline: Traffic Lane Shift on the Derby-Shelton Bridge (Bridge No. 01659) over the Housatonic River Which Carries Bridge Street in the Town of Shelton

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is announcing that lanes will be shifted towards the south side of the Derby-Shelton Bridge and the north-side sidewalk will be closed for Stage 1 of construction work starting on or about Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is announcing that the traffic flow will be reconfigured to accommodate the Stage 1 construction work. Both East and Westbound travel lanes will be reduced to 11’ wide and the northernmost sidewalk will be closed. Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to cross the structure on the existing 10.5’ southern sidewalk. A row of precast concrete barriers will be installed to delineate the work area and reconstruction of the existing parapet will begin.

Utility work associated with the project will continue in and around the Main St., Olivia St., and 3RD St. Triangle.

The project consists of the rehabilitation and realignment of the travel ways on the existing structure. The final condition will provide a 5’ wide concrete sidewalk (north) and a 7’ wide sidewalk (south). One 11’ wide Westbound travel lane and two 11’ wide Eastbound travel lanes with 2’ shoulders for vehicles. A 3’-8” buffer zone, and a 10’ wide paved bike lane (south).

DOT Project No. 0126-0174 was awarded to Mohawk Northeast, Inc. on January 26, 2021, at a cost of $6,393,565.45 and is scheduled to be completed by November 27, 2023. This project is administered by the Office of Construction – District 3, New Haven.

Please visit the Derby-Shelton Bridge Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enhancements page for further information.


 Motorists can expect normal conditions except for the new fixed 11’ wide lanes. The current schedule allows for work behind the barrier both day and night if needed. Pedestrians and cyclists will be restricted to the existing southern sidewalk for passage during this stage.