As part of the Route 8 and Waterbury Branch Line Corridor TOD and Alternative Modes Project, the NVCOG, and its consultant team of AECOM and CDM Smith, is investigating how to improve service on the Waterbury Rail Line and assessing the opportunities for creating Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD) in the vicinity of the Waterbury rail line stations. To date, the project team has looked at the existing conditions along the Waterbury rail line, interviewed passengers to get their opinions on current service and what is needed, held a series of TOD opportunity workshops in WRL host communities, developed a recommended rail improvement program and assessed the possibility of implementing a bus rapid transit (BRT) system within the Route 8 corridor. To learn more about the project and view published documents, please visit the project website at

The webinar was open to municipal officials, city/town planners, economic development staff,  commission members, and other elected officials with the public able to watch a live stream. While the focus is on the Waterbury rail line corridor and the host communities, this tool may be of interest to other cities and towns and we are encouraging anyone interested to view a recording of this webinar on the NVCOG YouTube Channel.

Presentation Slides

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