NVCOG has received delivery of the 3” pixel resolution orthophotography captured in the spring of 2016 for the entire state of Connecticut. Connecticut COGs acquired this color digital orthophotography through funds received from the Connecticut Regional Performance Incentive Program administered by the Office of Policy and Management.

Image formats available include:

  • GeoTIFFs – Highest quality image available but also the largest file size by a lot.
  • MrSID Generation 3 town-wide mosaic – Compressed image file with 3 image bands (blue, green, red) suitable for use with older software systems and with AutoCAD.
  • MrSID Generation 4 town-wide mosaics – Compressed image file with 4 image bands (blue, green, red, near-infrared) suitable for use with ArcMap 10.2 and above.

Town-wide MrSID files may be 2-10 GB in size and theGeoTIFFs could be up to 100 GB for all tiles within a municipality.  The data is also available for download and as a map service from UCONN’s CT ECO website. http://cteco.uconn.edu/data/flight2016/index.htm  Download of data for an entire municipality could be prohibitively slow so copying the data to a hard drive may make more sense.

Municipalities that would like a copy of this data should provide a portable hard drive to NVCOG. Please contact Glenda Prentiss if you have any questions or would like an estimate of the hard drive requirements for your municipality’s data. gprentiss@nvcogct.org , 203-489-0370