Additional Materials

Additional Highway Photos

This Flikr album contains a series of photos of Route 8 as it travels through the region. 

Studies and Designs

Route 8 Alternative Modes Study 

The NVCOG is nearing completion of the Route 8 and Waterbury Line Corridor Transit Oriented Development and Alternative Modes Study, which looks at options to improve transit along the lower portion of Route 8 while supporting higher density, transit oriented development in the vicinity of Waterbury Line train stations.  

Naugatuck River Greenway

The Naugatuck River Greenway, a similarly multi-regional project, will create a continuous multi-use path from Derby in the South to Torrington in the North

Route 67 Improvements – Seymour

Within Seymour, one of the communities most impacted by the Route 8 Expressway, work is currently underway to improve safety for all users and facilities for non-motorized travelers.  

Route 34 – Derby

Also adjacent to the Route 8 Expressway, CT Route 34, which serves as Main Street for Derby, is under construction with a series of improvements designed to enhance downtown, provide more access for non-motorized users, and improve safety. 

Project Application Narrative

CONSERVE8 Narrative

The attached narrative, included in the NVCOG’s RCP application, helps to explain the impact that Route 8 has had on the region and its residents. 

Key Supporters

CT BILT Office – The office of the Governor’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) advisors 

CTDOT – The Connecticut Department of Transportation, owners of both Route 8 and Route 44

CT Metropolitan Council of Governments – The CT MetroCOG and their member municipalities with sections of Route 8

Northwest Hills Council of Governments – The NHCOG and their member municipalities with sections of Route 8

NVCOG Member Municipalities – The towns and cities within the NVCOG region with sections of Route 8

NVCOG Congressional Delegation – Members of the Connecticut Federal Congressional Delegation representing communities impacted by Route 8, including both of Connecticut’s Senators and representatives from Connecticut’s 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Congressional Districts.