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SMM Trash Reduction Pilot Program

Sustainable Materials Management Grant Program

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) awarded $5 million in Sustainable Materials Management Grants to help CT municipalities address the state’s waste crisis. Learn more about the award announcement here, and more about the waste crisis here.

NVCOG Participants: Ansonia, Middlebury, Seymour, & Woodbury

Four NVCOG municipalities (Ansonia, Middlebury, Seymour, & Woodbury) received grants for trash reduction programs involving (a) special color-coded bags which help residents “cut the trash in half” by limiting themselves to two per week, and (b) the separation of food scraps to be turned into renewable energy at an anaerobic digestor. The goal of these pilots is to gather data related to long term implementation of unit-based pricing of trash and organics diversion, as potential vehicles for towns to save money and reduce waste.

Video Gallery

Explore informative videos which provide valuable insights into the trash reduction pilots and strategies employed for a cleaner, more sustainable future.