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SMM Trash Reduction Pilot Program

Sustainable Materials Management Grant Program

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) has awarded $5 million in Sustainable Materials Management Grants to help CT municipalities address the state’s waste crisis.

NVCOG Participants: Ansonia, Seymour, & Woodbury

3 NVCOG municipalities (Ansonia, Seymour, & Woodbury) have received grants to pilot trash reduction programs involving (1) special color-coded bags which help “measure” the amount of waste produced through unit-based pricing of trash, and (2) the separation and co-collection of food scraps to be turned into clean energy.

Follow each municipality's SMM progress below:

Learn how to get involved:

– Learn more about what YOUR municipality is doing to solve CT’s waste crisis.

– If you live in an SMM Grant municipality, be sure to participate in the program. Ask questions and provide feedback. If you live in the community but are outside the project area (ex: live in Woodbury but do not use the transfer station), be sure to let leadership know you want to participate in the future!

– Check out our Waste Crisis Story Map, and read more on the topics of unit-based pricing of trash, food scrap diversion, extended producer responsibility, and the circular economy.

– Volunteer to be a Community Champion by contacting

– Tell your local elected officials that you want action to reduce our trash and increase reducing, reusing, and recycling!