Project Type: Cleanup Planning

Activities: The Revolving Loan Fund Committee of NVCOG has awarded the Waterbury Redevelopment Corporation a $200,000 sub-grant for cleanup planning at 698 South Main Street, Waterbury. This large property nestled between the Naugatuck and Mad Rivers was once the campus of the Anamet network of factory buildings. The City of Waterbury’s plan for this site includes repurposing the 200,000 square foot building back into light industrial and demolishing the remaining dilapidated factories, rebuilding with mixed use, and incorporating the strip of land alongside the Naugatuck into the Naugatuck River Greenway. This multiuse trail will provide opportunities for exercise, active transportation, and recreation while raising property values and connecting regional economic corridors. New tax revenue will be generated, and it is estimated the cleanup/post remediation jobs will be 50-150 full and/or part-time jobs. The city is currently using $3 million in State grants to prep the site for redevelopment.

Project Status: Environmental assessment activities within the high-bay building are complete, and ongoing across the remainder of the site. Remedial activities have commenced. The City has demolished the remaining three buildings on site. An RFP to select a developer is live.