Project Type: Assessment

Activities: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

The City of Derby requested the assistance of the NVCOG at 67-71 Minerva Street after taking ownership of the site through tax-foreclosure in September, 2018. A previous Phase II environmental assessment, funded by NVCOG’s FY2012 EPA Assessment Grant, provided information critical to the site-transfer. Due to funding limitations and the advanced depth at which groundwater is present on-site, the 2014 Phase II report had some data gaps and limitations that now need to be addressed. A Phase II and Hazardous Building Materials assessments will inform remedial cost estimates. The City will utilize this information to seek appropriate resolutions for the site’s existing conditions.

Project Status: BL Companies procured to conduct assessment activities. U.S. EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) approved. Assessment activities in progress. Third groundwater well drilling scheduled Friday, May 24. Final reports expected June, 2019.