Project Type: Assessment

Activities: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

The City of Derby requested the assistance of the NVCOG at 67-71 Minerva Street after taking ownership of the site through tax-foreclosure in September, 2018. A previous Phase II environmental assessment, funded by NVCOG’s FY2012 EPA Assessment Grant, provided information critical to the site-transfer. Due to funding limitations and the advanced depth at which groundwater is present on-site, the 2014 Phase II report had some data gaps and limitations that now need to be addressed. A Phase II and Hazardous Building Materials assessments will inform remedial cost estimates. The City will utilize this information to seek appropriate resolutions for the site’s existing conditions.

Project Status: BL Companies was procured to conduct assessment activities. U.S. EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) has been approved.  New assessment activities have been completed.