Connecticut is in a waste crisis. Landfills and incinerators in the state are nearing the ends of their life cycles, but even though Connecticut is running out of capacity to handle its garbage we are producing more waste than ever.  This means municipalities must ship more of their trash out of state, which drives up disposal costs and taxpayers must foot the bill.

NVCOG has produced a story map that explains how Connecticut got into this situation and how we can get out of it. The story map explores proven, cost-effective strategies like unit-based pricing, separating food scraps from regular garbage so it can be made into renewable energy and other ideas. This is part of NVCOG’S effort to find and implement cost-effective solutions with state and local partners, businesses, and residents.

And don’t miss our new waste management page. Here, we talk about NVCOG’s efforts with sustainable material management, household hazardous waste and how we are exploring the idea of how a regional waste authority could solve some challenges the region faces with garbage disposal.