The newest features of the Regional Viewer are a new search option and a new tool.

The search option adds search by parcel ownership as well as by address. The new tool is the “Public Notification” tool which allows users to obtain mailing lists of residents and businesses across town and city borders. For requirements to notify neighbors of zoning changes or alike, users can now select a parcel and the tool will select the parcels within the selected area and create a mailing list available for download.

The Regional Viewer provides access to data collected and analyzed by NVCOG, such as generalized parcel data, zoning, land use, and municipal services in the region. It also hosts flood data from FEMA, environmental data from CT ECO and DEEP, U.S. Census Bureau geographies, and aerial imagery of different years. All parcel ownership information is collected from each municipality on an annual basis and may not be up-to-date with ownership information.