Waterbury, Conn. — The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated challenges that the Naugatuck Valley Region’s most vulnerable households face in finding affordable, secure housing. With a limited supply of affordable housing options, a growing number of households are spending an unmanageable portion of their income on a place to live. The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments’ Regional Housing Profile provides a clear overview of the state’s requirements and offers useful housing and demographic data to help the region’s municipalities create their affordable housing plan. The profile provides recommendations and strategies to assist municipalities as they consider ways to implement more affordable housing options that are compatible with existing development patterns and infrastructure.

To address the housing issue more broadly, Connecticut state statute requires that all municipalities adopt an Affordable Housing Plan by June 1, 2022, specifying how they intend to increase the number of affordable housing developments. “There is a need for more affordable, accessible, and appropriate housing options in each of our communities,” said Rick Dunne, NVCOG Executive Director. “The broad recommendations and strategies in this document are meant to help our communities decide on the most appropriate solution to meet their affordable housing needs.”

“The work of the NVCOG is exceptional and a critical resource in TEAM’s efforts surrounding workforce housing in our region,” said David Morgan, President and CEO of TEAM Inc. “This Housing Profile’s use of data and information is relevant to the local needs and opportunities that can truly help our towns and cities craft localized plans that are responsive to the state requirements, above all addressing more naturally affordable housing options for today’s diverse workforce in our region.”

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Savannah-Nicole Villalba, AICP Candidate
Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments