Regional Map Viewer

Regional viewer app

Provides access to general parcel data, zoning, land use, and open space. It also includes FEMA flood data and environmental data from CTECO.

Regional Trails

This interactive map explores the trail network that is in or passes through the Naugatuck Valley Region.  This includes walking, hiking, and multi-use trails.

NVCOG Regional Profile – Maps

This interactive storymap supplements the Naugatuck Valley Regional Profile 2019. The maps show demographics at the census block group or block level.

Farmers’ Markets & Agri-Tourism

Screenshot of Agriculture Map

Find local farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms or vineyards within the Naugatuck Valley region.

Mobility Project Reporter

This application was created to allow the public to submit observations or suggestions related to transportation for consideration in future projects. It is broken into categories based on mode.

Cheshire Land Use

This map was created using land use data derived from 2012 NAIP satellite imagery, 2012 leaf-off aerial photography (CTDEEP), Google Streetview 2015 and municipal assessor information.