Regional Map Viewer

Regional viewer app

Provides access to general parcel data, zoning, land use, and administration boundaries. It also includes FEMA flood data and environmental data from CTECO.

Kinneytown Dam Fish Passage

Kinneytown Dam

This interactive storymap details the effort to restore migratory fish to the Naugatuck River, and the current issues at Kinneytown Dam keeping fish from miles of restored habitat upstream.

Farmers’ Markets & Agri-Tourism

Screenshot of Agriculture Map

Find local farmers’ markets, pick-your-own farms, community supported agriculture (CSA) farms or vineyards within the Naugatuck Valley region.

NVCOG Open Space Viewer

Thumbnail for the NVCOG Open Space Viewer.

This viewer was developed to identify parcels in towns that need to be added or corrected while working on the regional open space database.

Regional Recreation Guide

Image of the Regional Recreation Guide with displayed features.

Where to be active! A web app to find local facilities designed for one of over 20 types of outdoor activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We are in a Waste Crisis

Screenshot of first section of the storymap.

Connecticut’s trash is piling up with nowhere in the state to go. This story map shares the options that residents and municipalities can take to reduce waste.

Naugatuck River Greenway Status

This map highlights the status of the various sections of the Naugatuck River Greenway project. It shows proposed, active, and completed sections.

Adventuring through Our Region

Front of Tourism story map.

A local tour guide from the Lower Naugatuck Valley to the Litchfield Hills to the bedding plant capital of Connecticut with many places to visit!

Regional Trails

This interactive map explores the trail network that is in or passes through the Naugatuck Valley Region.  This includes walking, hiking, and multi-use trails.