Draft Metropolitan Transportation Plan for Central Naugatuck Valley Planning Area is Released for Public Comment


NVCOG is excited to release the draft of NVision50, The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Naugatuck Valley COG and Central Naugatuck Valley MPO, which includes the Air Quality Conformity Determinations for ozone and fine particulate matter for the Central Naugatuck Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (CNVMPO), which is available for public review and comment between February 6, 2023, and March 17, 2023.

Public comment on NVision50 is an important part of the process and will shape the final version that the CNVMPO may adopt in March. NVision50 establishes a regional vision for and will guide transportation planning in the region through the year 2050. Information about the MTP, including draft chapters of the plan and presentation materials, can be viewed on the project’s webpage.

A hybrid public information session will be held on February 16 at 6 p.m. at the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) offices at 49 Leavenworth St., Waterbury, CT, and via Zoom. In addition, a virtual town hall-style meeting will be held on March 9 from 3 to 7 p.m. At that meeting, the public can comment on the MTP and ask questions about the document. For more information about the town hall meeting please visit the project’s site. The public may also comment by email at contactus@nvcogct.gov or by calling NVCOG’s office at 203-757-0535.

The CNVMPO must update the MTP every four years, and the plan lays out the vision for transportation in the future. The goals outlined in the draft include the following:

  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries.
  • Improve air quality and address noise and light pollution caused by the transportation system.
  • Provide more ways to travel by foot, mobility aid, bike, and micro-mobility devices.
  • Expand access to bus and rail transit and improve those services’ speed, reliability, and wait times.
  • Establish a strong footing for future changes in transportation technology.

The CNVMPO’s board of directors will meet at 10 AM on March 17, 2023. The board will take additional public comment on the MTP at that time, and that will close the public comment period. CNVMPO Board members will also share comments and questions regarding NVision50 before voting on adoption of the plan at that time.