The City of Shelton effectively maintains its natural spaces and promotes resident participation through various community-driven events. Read on to learn more about their successful model! 

Shelton Lakes Recreation Path near Lane Street. Photo Credit: Teresa Gallagher, Shelton Conservation Commission

Teresa Gallagher, Natural Resources Manager for the City of Shelton, shared how the drive for conservation, volunteerism, municipal support, and collaboration encourages members of the community to enrich Shelton’s natural landscape. 

As the Natural Resources Manager, Teresa enhances Shelton’s open space program by supporting the Conservation Commission, Trails Committee, Community Garden Committee, and Anti-Litter Committee. On behalf of these committees, she coordinates a variety of activities, social media relations, committee updates, and annual events to engage the community in conservation work. 

Some of these events include the annual Trails Hiking Challenge that encourages people to explore Shelton’s 26.2-miles of recreational trails. The Shelton Clean Sweep, hosted by the Anti-Litter Committee, spurs people to go out and pick up trash from public lands and road systems to raise awareness of littering and to encourage keeping the environment clean for everyone’s enjoyment. The Community Garden Committee gives residents the opportunity to grow their own vegetables in a community garden and to become part of a group of gardeners who maintain the garden’s plot.  

Teresa noted that a vast network of municipal staff, committee and community members, and organizations, like the Shelton Land Trust and the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, all work together to create a space of collaboration and communication. She explained that in order to create a committed group of volunteers, it is important to foster, model, and support the volunteer spirit. This facilitates meaningful engagement with the public and shows appreciation for their hard work.  Much of her day is hands-on field work on the trails and gardens, addressing gaps and issues that are beyond the scope of volunteers or that must be addressed urgently. 

Shelton’s highly collaborative conservation approach, including the Natural Resources Manager role and committed commission and committees, supports a strong sense of ownership and value in the community. In this way, community members have many opportunities to enjoy conservation-oriented outdoor activities, events, and amenities in their municipality.  

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