The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has awarded $18.7 million to C.J. Fucci Inc., a New Haven construction firm, to build the Route 34-Main Street reconstruction project. Construction is slated to start in April of 2022 and take about 700 days to complete.  

The NVCOG has been managing the design of the project in cooperation of the CTDOT. The goals of the project are intended to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve safety and support economic revitalization in the downtown area south of Main Street. The project is receiving 80% federal funding and 20% state funding, including $4 million allocated by NVCOG from the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) apportionment as part of the state share.  

Main Street will be reconstructed and widened between Bridge Street and Route 8. To ensure pedestrian safety and that the reconstructed road continues to act as the city’s “Main Street,” many traffic calming features will be installed, including a raised median, wider sidewalks, curb bump-outs, highly visible crosswalks, and designated on-street parking. Also, as part of the project, the city will be replacing the sanitary sewer main that runs under Route 34 and improving a short section of Factory Street that was not included in the project limits. These actions are non-participating items and will be paid for by the city.  

The work will be done in multiple stages to maintain traffic throughout the project corridor. Work will begin with the relocation of utilities followed by filling the area on the south side of Main Street to support the new travel lanes. The end date is expected to be November 2024, but will be affected by winter weather conditions during winter months. 

Find more details about the project on our “Route 34 Main Street Derby Reconstruction” project page 

Route 34 Preliminary Design Rendering
Route 34 Preliminary Design Rendering