NVision 2022

Naugatuck Valley Conference on 

Fostering Equitable Development

NVision 2022 was a one-day regional conference that brought together stakeholders from the public and private sectors, elected officials, and community members to discuss our region’s future.

This year’s discussions and presentations were underpinned by the concept of equity. Interactive sessions with expert panelists helped frame the Greater Naugatuck Valley’s path on key issues related to:

  • Transportation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Public Involvement

The conference featured an engaging agenda that included appearances from Guest Speakers Governor Ned Lamont and Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary. It took place at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT. This event was free and open to everyone.

“Moving the Masses May be Micro” Presentation & Panel

As energy prices continue to rise and roadway safety is increasingly in focus, Connecticut and the nation are turning toward walking, biking, and other micro-mobility solutions to make up gaps in the transportation system. Bikes, scooters, hoverboards, and other personal transport devices provide a more, but not perfectly, attainable alternative to car ownership, especially for lower-income individuals living in or near urban centers.

This session provided an overview of the current state of infrastructure, legality, and safety barriers to more widespread adoption of micro-mobility devices, as well as discussed ways that municipalities and the COG can work together to improve access.

“Home-Field Advantages of Local Affordable Housing” Presentation & Panel

The location, size, and type of affordable housing development is inherently a local level decision. However, over the last few years, many municipalities in the Naugatuck Valley Region have faced similar housing-related challenges that are changing the housing conditions of our communities.

This session explored how affordable housing development can create opportunities for economic and social mobility and how meeting the needs of all residents creates more resilient and diverse communities.

“Justice Isn’t Just Us: Pursuing an Equitable Environment” Presentation & Panel

Many communities affected by Environmental Justice issues have historically been left out of planning and decision making processes. Involving community members and organizations not only enhances understanding of and by the target population, but it is also fundamental to identifying the best way to meet the community’s needs.

This session explored the significance of Environmental Justice and narrowed in on strategies to build the community’s capacity to be meaningfully involved in the environmental decisions that affect their lives.

A Special Thank You to our Partners Eversource & Avangrid

Without the generous support of Eversource and Avangrid, this event would not have been possible. Click below to explore their slides and recordings of their speeches.

Eversource Recording | Eversource Slides
Avangrid Recording | Avangrid Slides

698 South Main Street, Waterbury

Project Type: Cleanup Planning

Activities: The Revolving Loan Fund Committee of NVCOG has awarded the Waterbury Redevelopment Corporation a $200,000 sub-grant for cleanup planning at 698 South Main Street, Waterbury. This large property nestled between the Naugatuck and Mad Rivers was once the campus of the Anamet network of factory buildings. The City of Waterbury’s plan for this site includes repurposing the 200,000 square foot building back into light industrial and demolishing the remaining dilapidated factories, rebuilding with mixed use, and incorporating the strip of land alongside the Naugatuck into the Naugatuck River Greenway. This multiuse trail will provide opportunities for exercise, active transportation, and recreation while raising property values and connecting regional economic corridors. New tax revenue will be generated, and it is estimated the cleanup/post remediation jobs will be 50-150 full and/or part-time jobs. The city is currently using $3 million in State grants to prep the site for redevelopment.

Project Status: Remedial Activities are anticipated to commence mid-Spring 2022.

526 North Main Street, Waterbury

Project Type: Assessment

Activities: The Regional Brownfield Partnership has awarded the Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury $100,000 for environmental assessment activities at 526 North Main Street, Waterbury. Data will be used to determine the level of remediation (if any) needed on site. The proposed redevelopment of this former industrial site consists of a 100+ unit apartment building with commercial space on the first two floors.

Project Status: A mandatory site walk was held on March 23rd. The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments is requesting environmental information on the site in the form of a Phase I, Phase II, and Hazardous Building Materials Analysis. All requests for proposals for 526 North Main Street will be due April 13 with the Regional Brownfield Partnership Board selecting the qualified environmental professional May 2022.

359 Mill Street, Waterbury (Brass City Harvest)

Project Type: Cleanup Planning

Activities: The Revolving Loan Fund Committee of NVCOG has awarded the Waterbury Development Corporation a $86,000 sub-grant to assist with State remedial closeout requirements at 359 Mill Street. The Site, also known as the Brass City Harvest, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses urban agriculture to build self-reliance skills, empower residents to modify their dietary behaviors, and increase fresh food access points in the community. This food hub now infuses more than 200,000 pounds of fresh, locally grown food into the community each year.

Environmental requirements include groundwater sampling and monitoring as well as closeout reports.

Project Status: Steps towards providing the additional assessment work on site have commenced with the initiation of the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). Environmental work is anticipated the start mid-Spring 2022. 

313 Mill Street, Waterbury

Project Type: Cleanup Planning

Activities: The Revolving Loan Fund Committee of NVCOG has awarded the Waterbury Development Corporation a $200,000 sub-grant to assist with assessment activities in means of closing any data gaps at 313 Mill Street. These funds are meant to supplement the $3 million already granted to the City of Waterbury from the State for remedial and construction activities. The City of Waterbury has proposed to redevelop the site as a Base Ball Park for the local community.

Project Status: Steps towards providing the additional assessment work on site have commenced with the initiation of the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). Environmental work is anticipated the start mid-Spring 2022. 

Mad River, Waterbury

River and Building

Project Type: Cleanup

NVCOG oversaw a $500,000 grant for assessment and remediation across multiple parcels on behalf of the Waterbury Development Corporation (WDC). The remaining funds were allocated to conduct clean-up activities at Lot 19, where Brass City Harvest has constructed a regional food hub for cleaning and preparing locally-grown foods for distribution.

Project Status: Remediation activities have been completed.

130 Freight Street, Waterbury

Project Type: Cleanup Planning

Assessment Activities: The Revolving Loan Fund Committee of NVCOG has awarded the Waterbury Redevelopment Corporation a $200,000 sub-grant for cleanup planning at 130 Freight Street, Waterbury. Funds at the former Anaconda Mill site of Waterbury would be applied for cleanup planning and Licensed Environmental Professional services which would lead to remedial activities. The site is included in the City of Waterbury’s Master Plan for the Freight Street District in which 190 mixed-rate residential units, up to 19,000 square feet of commercial space and industrial space with a portion of the site returning to green space has been proposed.

Project Status: Cleanup Planning and Remedial Activities are anticipated to commence mid 2022.

909 Bank Street, Waterbury

Sidewalk and trees

Project Type: Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation

Activities: The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments conducted an environmental assessment in order to facilitate potential site transfer of the former vacant property. Assessment work was funded by EPA petroleum funds through NVCOG’s FY2016 EPA Assessment grant, as approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and by U.S. EPA Region 1.

Upon completion of the assessment activities on site, the City of Waterbury was granted a $220,000 sub-awarded through NVCOG’s Revolving Loan Fund for remedial activities throughout the site. Remedial Activities were completed late 2020 with the Connecticut Department of Energy Environmental Protection providing a Voluntary Remediation Verification for the Site. The City of Waterbury has developed the site into a neighborhood “pocket” park. It is anticipated to open mid to late 2022.

Project Status: Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment reports complete. Remedial activities have been completed. Construction on-going.

MTP 2050

About the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)  

As the regional planning agency and a Metropolitan Planning Organization, NVCOG must prepare a long-range transportation plan every four years that lays out the vision for transportation in the future. This document, known as the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, is currently underway, and will identify the current needs and deficiencies within the transportation system, lay out a vision for what we hope to see by 2050, and establish implementation steps to achieve that vision.  The region’s last MTP update was completed in 2019. View the approved and adopted 2019-2045 plan here.

Updating our Plan

With an expected adoption in 2023, the updated MTP provides the region with an opportunity to examine both the present state of our transportation system and share a vision for getting around the Naugatuck Valley in the future.  

We want your feedback!

A critical component of MTP development is feedback from residents, visitors, and anyone else with an interest in the future of the Greater Naugatuck Valley. There are several ways to share your thoughts, and in the coming months more in-person options will be posted here and to the NVCOG Calendar. 

From now until November 1st we will be collected responses to a survey designed to identify the priorities and concerns of those within our region. Responses to this survey are one of the best tools we have to gather input from the widest group of stakeholders, and we truly appreciate your participation. The survey can be accessed at this link, or by using the QR Code. 

En Español: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/00ac7cdc6db149be969f7ded9e28f5cd

In the coming months, NVCOG will offer a series of opportunities to provide feedback in person, including tables at fairs and farmers markets in the region, dedicated public meetings, and a presence at municipal meetings. Updates will be shared regularly on this page, the NVCOG Facebook, and the NVCOG Twitter account

Transportation in our Region:

Staff Contact

Rich Donovan
Transportation Planner
(203) 489-0361

Interstate 84/ Route 8 New Mix

The Mixmaster

The interchange of Interstate 84 and Connecticut Route 8, located just west of Downtown Waterbury, has long been called “the Mixmaster” because of the complex web of highways, ramps, local roads, and rail, that make it up or pass below. Originally hailed as a marvel of modern highway design, the Mixmaster no longer meets highway design standards, is often crowded, and has left a significant mark on the City. The Mixmaster is currently undergoing work to extend its life for an estimated 25 years, after which a more permanent solution will be required.  

The NewMix

While the Mixmaster undergoes efforts to extend its life and improve safety and traffic flow, the CTDOT, with the assistance of HNTB Corporation, have begun planning the long-term future for the interchange. The NVCOG, the City of Waterbury, and other interested parties regularly attend Project Advisory Committee meetings. The project team has also held several public information session, the most recent of which was on September 15th, 2022. Recordings and presentation material from all of these meetings, as well as other information about the project, can be found on the CTDOT’s project website, linked here:


This website includes a spot where anyone can leave a comment or ask a question. The CTDOT’s NewMix project team is dedicated to ensuring this process actively engages the public, so all comments are encouraged. Comments or questions can be submitted here.

NVCOG Staff Contact

Mark Nielsen
Assistant Direct, NVCOG

Presentation to Local Leaders

On June 30, 2021, the NewMix Project Team presented the plan for the NewMix study to local elected officials. The content of this presentation is available below. 

View The New Mix PowerPoint presentation or watch a recording of this presentation on the NVCOG YouTube Channel.