Newtown 28 Glen Road

Type of Project:  Clean up

The Town of Newtown was granted $45,000 through NVCOG’s Revolving Loan Fund program to aid with the removal of hazardous waste at 28 Glen Road. The property is currently vacant. 

Project Status: Remedial activities are currently ongoing.  

Waterbury Mad River

River and Building

Project Type: Clean up

NVCOG oversaw a $500,000 grant for assessment and remediation across multiple parcels on behalf of the Waterbury Development Corporation (WDC). The remaining funds were allocated to conduct clean-up activities at Lot 19, where Brass City Harvest has constructed a regional food hub for cleaning and preparing locally-grown foods for distribution.

Project Status: Remediation activities have been completed.

Waterbury 909 Bank Street

Sidewalk and trees

Project Type: Assessment

Activities: Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation

NVCOG conducted an environmental assessment in order to facilitate potential site transfer. The property is currently vacant. Assessment work was funded by petroleum funds through NVCOG’s FY2016 EPA Assessment grant, as approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and by U.S. EPA Region 1.

Project Status: Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment reports complete. Remedial activities have been completed. Groundwater monitoring is currently taking place. 

Thomaston East Main Street Riverfront Reuse Plan

Thomaston East Main

Project Type: Area-Wide Planning

Activities: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. Analysis of project area-wide challenges and opportunities.

On behalf of the Town of Thomaston, NVCOG was awarded a $60,000 Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Brownfield Area-wide Revitalization Grant for three parcels along East Main Street in Thomaston.

The long underutilized former Plume and Atwood facility is the center of the project area, which also includes the Railroad Museum of New England and the former New England Oil Terminal. Thomaston and NVCOG will investigate the sites’ existing challenges. The Town will additionally identify low-cost, incremental projects that may improve existing conditions while additional funding is sought for remediation.

Project Status: Procurement and final project scoping in progress.

Documents: Thomaston East Main Street Riverfront Reuse Plan Request for Qualifications

Derby Fishing and Viewing Platform

Derby Fishing Platform

Protject Type: Construction

Activities: Design, Engineering, and Construction of a Fishing and Viewing Platform

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) on behalf of the Connecticut Housatonic Natural Resource Trustee Council awarded NVCOG $325,000 to construct an accessible fishing and viewing platform at O’Sullivan’s Island Recreation Park.

Project Status: HRP is reviewing required permitting activities with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. Conceptual design in progress. 

Derby O’Sullivan’s Island

Derby O'Sullian Island

Project Type: Assessment

Activities: Phase I Environmental Assessment with compilation of past-user interviews

O’Sullivan’s Island is a peninsula at the confluence of the Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers, located south of Derby’s downtown commercial district. While vehicles and trains pass nearby, the site offers a welcome moment of quiet among trees along the waterfront. Enveloped by structure, water, and sky, O’Sullivan’s Island is one of the most interesting and naturally beautiful pieces of land in the lower Naugatuck Valley. It is also one of the most challenging brownfield locations NVCOG has had the opportunity to improve.

Over the last decade, NVCOG’s Environmental Planner Arthur Bogen and Executive Director Rick Dunne have been significant players in the orchestration of funding contributions and work completed by the City of Derby and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development. O’Sullivan’s Island Recreation Park opened to the public for the first time in over twenty years in 2009. In 2013 the City of Derby completed its portion of the Naugatuck River Greenway trail that runs across the site’s northern edge.

NVCOG was awarded a $200,000 DECD grant to conduct environmental assessments and develop remediation strategies on the site.

Project Status: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment complete. Ongoing project monitoring

Derby Main Street South

Main Street South in Derby

Project Type: Assessment

Activities: Environmental Site Assessments on 4 parcels. ( 2 Factory Street, 23 Factory Street, 90 Main Street, and 0 Water Street)

The City of Derby received multiple inquiries from private parties regarding city-owned parcels south of Main Street. These parcels have long been part of Derby’s central design district and are approved for high-density, mixed-use development. The City requested NVCOG apply on its behalf for funding through the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development’s (CT DECD) Municipal Grant Program.

NVCOG was awarded $200,000 to conduct assessment activities in the Derby Main Street South project area. Environmental assessment activities will support the construction of local roads in the area and will target parcels most ready for development. The assessment project is critical to the success of the City of Derby’s $5 million Urban Act grant, which will directly fund construction of local roads and infrastructure.

Project Status: A Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) for assessment services was sent to NVCOG’s  pre-qualified short list. Five proposals received. The RBP Project Selection Committee invited Arcadis to enter contract negotiations.

 To date, Arcadis has produced:

  • 2 Factory Street – Phase I, Phase II, and Hazardous Building Material Survey
  • 23 Factory Street – Phase I, Phase II, and Hazardous Building Material Survey
  • 90 Main Street – Phase I and Hazardous Building Material Survey
  • 0 Water Street – Phase I

Documents: Derby Main Street South Request for Proposals